NewspaperNEWSPAPERS-First newspaper that was known to be published started sometime around 60 B.C. in Rome. The name of this paper was Acta Diurna. Julius Caesar was the initiator. This newspaper continued to be published until about 330 AD. Regularly published newspapers did not appear until around the 17th century in the Netherlands and in Germany.

BooksBOOKS-The first known books are from Ancient Egypt. They were mainly religious books that included songs and prayers. They also had books about law, medicine, and astronomy. Sometime around the middle of the 1400's Gutenberg invented the printing press. This made writing books a lot easier and faster. Before the printing press was invented, monks wrote all the books, or I should say copy them, which took them weeks at a time. The first Encyclopedia was published somewhere between 1750 and 1772. It was published in France and was called "The First French Encyclopedia of Vocabulary, Reason, Science, Arts and Crafts." It was the first collection of objective information in all fields of knowledge in one work. It consisted of 17 volumes if entries, 11 volumes of illustrations, and 2 indexes.

LibrariesLIBRARIES-One of the first libraries was in Ancient Egypt. Libraries didn't become really public until around the 18th century. This was mainly because of the French Revolution.

HistoryHISTORY-Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450, although that was not the first type of movable print. Movable print actually was around in ancient Babylon, the people of ancient Babylon had known to make seals. Printing was known in China and Japan about 2000 years ago although they used printing blocks. Gutenberg's print technology did not change that much until the 19th century. It was in the early 1800's that the development of a steam-powered press, contiguous rolls of paper, and the use of iron instead of wood for building the presses made it more efficient for printing. With these technological advances in printing it made it possible for newspaperman Benjamin Day to reduce the price of his New York Sun to just a penny a copy in 1833.


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