The Babylonians, Creators of Modern Laws

There is little known about the Babylonian civilization. Historians are pretty sure the Babylonian civilization began around the 18th century B.C. and ended around the 6th century B.C. This civilization was very similar to the Sumerian civilization. The Babylonian civilization was based highly on agriculture and very little on industry.

Babylonian civilization was run by a king, who was pretty much in complete control and exercised powers in all branches of government. The country is said to have consisted of about 12 or 13 cities, and was surrounded by villages and small towns. The Babylonians took the Sumerian culture and basically transformed it into a culture almost entirely of its own. This resulting culture was highly popular and effective, as it was used, without change, for 1200 years. It was copied and modified by pretty much every other country in the world at the time, especially Assyria, which pretty much exactly replicated Babylonian culture.

The Babylonians are complimented with several huge successes in their time. One of these is their creating of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which was constructed in 600 B.C. by King Nebuchadnezzar. These hanging gardens were a mountain like series of planted terraces built on top of stone arches 23 meters above ground, watered by the Euphrates by a complicated mechanical system. These Hanging Gardens are one of the Seven Wonders of the World and shows exactly how precise and good the Babylonians were when it came to architecture and art.

The greatest leader in the first Babylonian dynasty, Hammurabi, was also responsible for a tremendous success in Babylonian culture. Hammurabi was completely devoted to the prosperity of his empire, and he supervised all building projects of Babylon. He was also a terrific leader and military commander. However his greatest achievement was his writing of laws governing Babylonian civilization. He was mostly known for the code of Hammurabi, which states an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. He was also an inspiring spiritual leader, and he was also very smart. During his reign, Babylon reached a height in its cultural civilization and political power.

The Babylonians were very famous for the invention and creation of new law concepts never before seen, some of these laws include legal defense and protection for lower classes, the state is responsible for enforcing the laws, social justice should is guaranteed, the punishment should fit the crime.

Babylonian cultural achievements and law achievements left a huge impression on all the other cultures and countries of the world. Even present day countries use the same principals of law the Babylonians used. Babylonian influence is found all throughout politics, art, math, science, spirituality, astronomy, astrology, and architecture.



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