Watkuweis: (Returned from a Far Country)

Little is really know about Watkuwies. She was captured the Blackfeet Indian tribe six or seven years before the Expedition made it to her tribe's land. She was taken to what is now known as Canada, and sold to white traders. White traders still treated her like a slave but she was treated with much more respect than the Blackfoot Tribe had. After several years wondering the country, she managed to return home. When the Expedition arrived at the Nez Perce tribes land ( Watkuwies's Tribe) they were treated as enemys. Before the Nez Perce tride attacked, Watkuwies ran out and yell "These are the people who helped me. Do not hurt."

First Sacagawea, now Watkuweis. The Expedition now owed another Native America their lives.

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