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Holocaust People

* Reinhard Heydrich - Heydrich was a top bureaucrat within the Nazi party. He was a key member of the group that came together to discuss the final solution of Jews in 1942. He was a cunning individual who brought up a plan to fake a Polish attack on Gleiwitz that would allow Hitler to send his troops into Poland. Also, Heydrich organized a killing squad that killed over one million Soviet and Polish Jews. He was hated by many and was bombed, shot, and killed by two Czech citizens.

* Oskar Schindler - So you have seen or heard of Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List" but really don't know who Schindler is, right? Well, Schindler did all in his power to help to save the Jews that were being oppressed and sent off to Nazi concentration camps. Schindler called Jews "my children." Although arrested twice for his cunning plans to save Jews that were in danger, he never gave up. He continued to risk his life and his own freedom for those Jews, all while paying for them to live by buying them food, clothing, and a shelter in which to live. Schindler was a good man to many and a lifesaver to many more.

* Raoul Wallenberg - As a Swedish diplomat, Wallenberg attempted to help save the Jews from the fate that Eichmann had arranged. At a dinner in Budapest, Hungary, Wallenberg tried to persuade Eichmann to cease his policy of the destruction of Jews. World War II was almost at an end, and Wallenberg asked that the killing be stopped, as it was inevitable that the Nazi Party would lose. Eichmann declined to stop exterminating Jews, but Wallenberg would not stop defending them. In 1944, he went back to Budapest to save the lives of thousands of Jews. He was able to obtain a Swedish passport for some 20,000 Jews.

* Neville Chamberlain - English Prime Minister during part of the Holocaust movement. He believed Hitler would conform over time and, after meeting with Hitler, concluded that all would be fine in the end and that the persecution of Jews would not amount to a major movement. His gullibility gave false hope to millions of Jews.

* Winton Churchill - Took the Prime Minister position in England in 1940, immediately following the reign of Neville Chamberlain. Churchill was more realistic and noticed the colossal threat Hitler posed on Western Europe as well as the rest of the world.

* American Presidents - Two American presidents had to deal with the happenings of the Holocaust movement as well as World War II in Europe that was a direct result of Hitler's yearnings. Those two, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman, each had tough decisions. Roosevelt had the task of deciding when and where should America join the war against the Holocaust. He then faced many more tough decisions during his time in office. Just before the war ended, however, he unexpectedly passed away and Harry Truman came into office. Truman was responsible for ending the war with the atomic bomb. Although Franklin Roosevelt was in office for a majority of the period in which the Holocaust and the World War that occurred as a result of the Holocaust was going on, both ended up playing a large role in making decisions as to what was best for the U.S. and the world regarding the Holocaust.

In conclusion, many people, whether it be for or against this Holocaust movement, fought for what they believed. Luckily for Jews as well as the rest of the world, countries such as England and the United States as well as individuals including Wallenberg and Schindler stepped up to help their cause.

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